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January 9, 2014

Bringing home the gold dancer part of winning group at World Tap Championships


Corriveau said that she did not mind the travel and found it exciting. The dancers met with others their own age. Familiar with large competitions, this one was different in its broader international reach, Corriveau’s mother said.

“The dancers met with the other children and they traded something,” Corriveau said. The event sponsors encouraged dancers to bring something from their country to trade with dancers from other countries at the event.

“The main purpose of taking my dancers to Germany is to compete in the World Tap Championships, however dancing is only a small part of this trip,” said Chippenadle studio owner, Nancy Chippendale.

“Bringing home medals for the United States, five gold, three silver and two bronze, was an incredible accomplishment. But the cultural experience was an invaluable part of the trip,” Chippendale said.

Corriveau expects to continue her dance career and plans to stay with the Chippendale studio. An avid reader, she enjoys fantasies and made up stories. A student who does well at school, she thinks dance will remain a large part of her life.

“She’s always busy with something and has her ideas and projects but it always goes back to dance,” mother Ellen said.

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