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March 7, 2012

Poem of the month

The Majesty of Spring

Editor's note: The Gazette publishes poems submitted by local writers.

Whenever one travels Spring, an awesome scene.

Whether pastoral setting, assorted stands of trees, running brooks,

Man is captivated by lushness of green.

So fresh, exhilarating, pure as jade.

One asks how can this be?

For Mother Nature turns all shriveled and dry in the fall?

Hot and humid days begin in earnest,

Then changing winds, raging storms rips apart glowing,

Budding myriad flowers, plants and trees.

As winter approaches the Ambassador of Discontent has arrived;

Everything now desolate, ugly, miserable in character.

From blackness in time changes clime to purity;

Snowflakes, icicles, frosty bushes, plants and trees

Turn mountains, brooks, plants and flowers into tiny shiny particles of ice.

Mother Nature then surrenders to deep sleep for renew.

Sad the eyes, more so the soul, Mother Nature becomes unwhole.

But wait! Faith and reason dictate otherwise.

'Tis God reminding us how frail we are.

The soul portrays similar patterns;

when in sin from anger, despair, lack of faith or hope

one or more such brings misery, darkness to our being.

Unlike Mother Nature on its own,

God's gift of forgiveness, Creator of all,

Lends grace to perfect our nature.

The soul becomes like lushness of green.

His truth, beauty and goodness prevails; planting renewal seeds.

Prayerful all will sprout radiating lushness of green

That becomes universal joy and picturesque scene.

— Pat Emiro

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