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March 28, 2012

Bigger, better Market Basket opens in Westgate Plaza


Haverhill resident Katrina Thorne said that she used to visit the old location several times a week and was impressed with the new facility.

"It's excellent," said Thorne. "Everyone here was so helpful, helping me locate where everything is in the store."

The store also had printed maps detailing which items were in each aisle.

"It was much larger, brighter, and there was much more of a selection of food and in general supplies," said Tracy Fuller of Haverhill, who visited the store at its opening on Sunday. "The produce section looked really expansive and the lines moved quickly."

Aside from one customer who asked about adding more handicapped parking spots, Miamis said, the first few days of the new store have gone by without a hitch.

"So far it's been packed," said Miamis. "Every register has had to stay open."

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