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October 3, 2013

Celebrate life

I love fireworks. I always have and I always will.

There is something inspiring about their loud and colorful bursts. It is as if every explosion and each sparkling streak of color was a commanding voice, reminding us to enjoy ourselves. Too often we need reminding.

Fireworks are commonly the highlight of social events. As a child, I could not wait for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. I would spend all day asking when and where we would be going to see them. I did not grasp, as a child, the true meaning of the celebration, but I did know that the explosive light show was important. Even then, I could sense there was a greater meaning to the colorful, loud display above me in the night sky.

Today, a bit more weathered and grown, fireworks still stimulate my imagination. I will forever be just as I was many years ago, with my eyes strained upward in anticipation of the thunderous explosions and bright colors. But now, my eyes absorb the beautiful bursts of energy in a different light. Each joyful explosion of color reminds me to enjoy all that is good in the world. Fireworks inspire me to create my own joyful noise.

Life keeps us busy, too busy. Sadly, we surround ourselves with too many useless distractions and we take too much for granted. However, life is full of colorful bursts every day that we should, and must, enjoy. Life is good, but it is too short. We need to slow down and appreciate every precious moment that we can. Enjoy the fireworks in your life and celebrate.

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