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November 16, 2011

Northern Essex Community College dean's list

Northern Essex Community College released a list of students who earned a place on the dean's list for the summer 2011 term.

To be included, students must attain a grade point average of 3.3 or higher within the term, carry six or more credits within the term, and be enrolled in a degree program.


Shenouda Boles - Engineering Science

Julia Crosson - General Studies: Nursing

Frank Laudani - Business Management: Computer Applications

Manne Lopes - Criminal Justice

Jennifer Lytle - General Studies

Susan Mahoney - General Studies: Radiologic Technology

Johnnaliz Maysonet - Medical Billing Certification

Josephine Muchene - General Studies: Nursing

Patrick Packard - Business Management

Samantha Pushee - Business Transfer

Charles Reid III- Liberal Arts

Allison Simon- Business Management

Ludner Timothee - General Studies: Practical Nursing

Meredith Vernatter - General Studies: Nursing


Kerri Cahil - Nursing (ADN) Day

Sally Disorbo - Medical Coding

Jeffrey Douphinette - General Studies: Paramedic

Camille Early - Paralegal Career

Adrienne Ramage - General Studies

Estelle Ramage - General Studies

Stephanie Sargent - Radiologic Technology

Kerrilynn Yemma - Elementary Education


Venessa Alvarado - Liberal Arts

Jennifer Bird - Phlebotomy Technician Certification

Michael Buzzell - Business Transfer

Brian Camasso - Business Transfer

Jennifer Canfield - Phlebotomy Technician Certification

Jazmine Casado - Business Management

Nicole Catanzaro - General Studies

Jennifer Chambers - Early Childhood Education

Amy Chute - General Studies: Medical Assistant

Erin Cloutier - Accounting

Juan Colon - Business Management: Computer Applications

Erica Comeau - Business Transfer

Kristina Coperine - Liberal Arts

Jason Crabb - Criminal Justice

Katelyn Croteau - Graphic Design

Amy Daly - Elementary Education

Jessica Davenport - General Studies: Nursing

Randy Davis - Business Management: Healthcare Practice

Krista Demarkis - LA: Writing

Jessica Dones - Early Childhood Education

Mabel Doucette - General Studies: Paralegal

Jessica Drew - General Studies: Nursing

Kenneth Dussault - Radiologic Technology

Patricia Edwards - General Studies

Ross Elliott - Criminal Justice

Cassandra Evans - Criminal Justice

Minelys Felipe - LA: International Relations

Vanessa Ferretto - LA: Biology

Blake Ferronetti - Liberal Arts

Tyler Ferronetti - Liberal Arts

Tara Gangi- Business Transfer

Rene Gaudet - Business Management: Healthcare Practice

Lori Guernelli - Paralegal Career

Brian Hall - Electronic Technology

Mary Harris - Human Services

Elizabeth Harrison - Accounting

Shayla Hernandez - General Studies: Sleep Technologist

Cathleen Jaffarian - LA: Middle/High School Teaching Option

Tina Janvrin - Business Management: Healthcare Practice

Euckie Jembere - Practical Nursing

Lorenna Joubert - General Studies

Miranda Kocher - Accounting

Jannette Laguerre - LA: Middle/High School Teaching Option

Margaret Lambert - Community Support Human Services

Hillary LeBlanc - LA: Psychology

Renee Lemieux - Early Childhood Education

Angela Leung- Accounting

Kelly Marshall - Radiologic Technology

Matthew Martin - Criminal Justice

Letriah Masters - General Studies: Music Option

Thomas Mazzola - Business Management

Chantal McGovern - LA: Middle/High School Teaching Option

James McHenry - Graphic Design

Mihaela Muntean - Respiratory Care

Duong Anh Nguyen - Engineering Science

Devon O'Brien - Business Transfer

Kelly O'Brien - General Studies: Practical Nursing

Dominic Omondi - General Studies

Angela Ordile - General Studies: Human Services

Ashley Paquette - Elementary Education

Laura Parsons - General Studies: Nursing

Bethany Pestana - General Studies: Nursing

Anusuya Quinn - General Studies

Matthew Rand - LA: Journalism/Communication

Jossie Reynoso - General Studies: Nursing

Eric Santa - Engineering Science

Keith Schiavoni - Business Transfer

DonnaMarie Stack - Respiratory Care

Amber Sullivan - Radiologic Technology

Kaylee Thoma - Criminal Justice

Barbara Thompson - Business Transfer

Andrison Vargas - LA: Biology

Stephanie Villers - General Studies: Sleep Technologist

Scott Waldie - General Studies: Paramedic

Angela Warren - General Studies: Human Services

Colleen Whalen - Early Childhood Education

Cheryl Wilkinson - General Studies

Conan Williams - CIS: Information Technology

Andrew Wilson- General Studies

Charlene Woodard - Business Transfer


Tara Carnes - Business Management

Lindsey Curole - Laboratory Science

Cecilly Deorocki - LA: Psychology

Mary Lundin - General Studies

Patrick Nett - LA: Physical Education/Recreation

Marcus Trujillo - Business Management


Jaimie Forgitano - General Studies: Nursing

Sarah Neeley - Early Childhood Education

Marissa Schroeder - LA: Biology

Rebecca Southwick - Liberal Arts

Adam Wheeler - Business Transfer

Nicole Withrow - LA: Psychology


Lauren Fournier - General Studies: Nursing

Robert Lane - General Studies: Paralegal

Frank Maragioglio - CIS: Information Technology

Joy Sapienza - EKG Technician Certificate

Leonard Silverman - General Studies

Paul Trumper- General Studies: Nursing