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August 8, 2013

When life gives us a wake-up call


Two days after discharge, a relapse occurred and off we went to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where a similar ordeal took place over the next 24 hours. The good news is that every test came back negative and there didn’t appear to be any serious ramifications.

The bad news remains an enigma. So what triggered all these complications? Perhaps the neurologists at MGH might have an answer. They had taken over her case and hope to find some answers. Sometimes no news is good news, especially when it concerns your health.

I look back upon two heart procedures which impacted my lifestyle and made me realize how fragile life can become. I often recall all my close friends and acquaintances who are no longer with me after a fatal experience.

It occurs every day at a moment’s notice when we least expect it. Fate can betray us at any time. It can also be our best friend.

A rear-end collision one evening brought the Jaws of Life to my wreckage. I could have expired right there on the spot. But I lived to tell about it.

All throughout life, we have our escapades. I firmly believe that sound spiritual values are sometimes the best medicine that can be prescribed. I recall two years ago being wheeled into the operating room for a triple bypass.

Yes, I was terrified. I won’t lie. Would I wake up to see my family again or drift off somewhere into the unknown? A priest left me with a little angel figure.

“Take this and hold it,” he told me the day before my surgery. “And say a prayer to yourself. God is listening.”

I was wheeled into the inner sanctum that morning. I remember giving the nursing station a thumbs-up as they whizzed me by. The little guardian angel was secure in the palm of my hand.

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