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August 9, 2012

Letters to the editor


Gabrielle Ross

executive director, Health Quarters


Toohey offers a change in Senate

To the editor:

How many times do you get up in the morning, turn on the TV for news and you hear how once again the Massachusetts Senate has voted down another bill? How many does this make with the Democrat controlled Senate and House making all of the decisions? Have you ever wished that there was equal balance in our Senate so there can be strong debate on issues and actual work getting done for the people of Massachusetts?

Those of us who are in the 1st Essex District have an opportunity to change this balance in the Senate by electing Republican Shaun Toohey to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Senator Steven Baddour. There are 40 Senate seats and presently we have 36 Democrats and only four Republicans. No wonder nothing is ever accomplished.

Shaun has nine years on the Haverhill School Committee and two years on the Whittier Vocational Technical High School Committee. He has been committed to these institutions and improving the education afforded to our youth. He has shown solid fiscal responsibility.

Shaun has a proven commitment to public service and by sending him to the Senate we will have a strong voice for our veterans, elderly, protecting our river and ocean fronts, lakes and streams.

Let’s send Shaun to the Senate so we have the opportunity to steer the Commonwealth in the right direction with a voice for all of the people. Give him your vote on September 6th in the primary.

Jeralyn Levasseur


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