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August 2, 2012

Dyers turn home into a United Nations

No need to traveling to New York City to catch a glimpse of how the world turns.

Haverhill has its very own version of a mini-United Nations right here on Hamilton Avenue.

Just visit the home of Dave and Debbie Dyer and you’ll get a clear picture. The Dyers have been hosting students from abroad ever since I can recall and there’s no intent to stop anytime soon, even in their grandparenting years.

Yes, this is the same Dave Dyer who’s been writing local sports for The Eagle-Tribune and Haverhill Gazette for an eon. You may be familiar with that role since it’s become more conspicuous over time.

Beneath the veneer is a host parent who, together with his wife, Debbie, have opened their doors to students from international waters. They started their mission as newlyweds in Illinois when their love for travel and meeting new people took a firm grip .Since it became fairly expensive to hop a plane at every urge, the Dyers decided to bring the world to them.

Over the years, they’ve welcomed 15 students to their door from places like the Philippines, Japan, China, Germany, Palestine and Belgium. The experience proved memorable not only for themselves, but for their three biological children and Nico, an adopted child who came to the Dyers from the Ukraine in 2002.

After raising their own children to adulthood, sending them off to college, attending a wedding or two, the Dyers decided it was so gratifying that off they went to the Ukraine and started parenting all over again.Young Nico has been in his glory the past few years with the arrival of several Ukrainian students, reconnecting him with his culture and heritage. The family has even taken measures to learn the language and visit the Ukraine with their adopted son. While in transit, they’ve visited some of the same students who remained with them while attending Haverhill High School.

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