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July 16, 2009

The Lamp Post, July 16

Former Haverhill lawyer Michael Early is attracting much attention in Newburyport, where he now owns a taxi and delivery business. He recently added to his fleet a taxi from England. The distinctive appearance is bringing added business, he says.

Fireworks, including small aerial displays, continued around the city well after the Fourth of July observance, Some were touched off close to midnight a few days after the holiday.

Watch and listen. The Haverhill Gazette's editor will appear on local-access cable television tonight (July 16) with Frank Novak to discuss plans for candidate debates later this fall. And a representative of The Gazette will appear on Wednesdays at noon on WCAP, a Merrimack Valley radio station, to give listeners a sneak audio peek at what the paper will report in its next edition.

The water testers are back again in Riverside, where the quality of the potential water supply is being examined.

Nice to see the hanging flower displays extended to Lafayette Square and Winter Street, to enhance appearances there as they do downtown. In that square, however, strong leaf growth has succeeded in hiding even deeper the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette, for whom the square was named.

At least one observer can't quite get used to having a former church turned into the home of the Haverhill Boxing Club, as happened with what used to be St. Michael's Church. (The building also houses a day care agency.)

There has been much talk about elderly drivers causing automobile accidents. In a weekend incident in Haverhill, however it was not an elderly driver who was responsible. The whole frame and motor of an "older model" car fell onto the street. The investigating officer said the tow truck would have to be a ramp version, but one observer said a crane would be better.

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