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November 1, 2012

Letters to the editor

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — Supporting

Kathleen O’Connor Ives for Senate

To the editor:

As a clergyman for some 30 years, I was recently shocked at a survey that described most clergy as non-authentic. We are described as having a great party line, quick at quoting sacred Scripture, but too often slow to speak from the heart. I suspect that many surveys say the same thing about politicians.

The first time I met Kathleen O’Connor Ives was at a senior citizen center. I was struck by her authenticity! What you see here is what you get! Like , Behold a person in whom there is no guile! Upon hearing her speak, I did what I have never done with any other office-seeker — I wrote her a check.

Katy visited a group dance several weeks ago. After I was told that she was in the hall, I looked around to see if I could spot her. Lo and behold, she was standing right next to me with her husband. No fanfare. No grand announcement. Totally unassuming. And yet, strong in a gentle way — and gentle in a strong way. She is my kind of senator!

Over a lifetime, I’ve voted Independent and I’ve voted both parties. With Katy, the party doesn’t matter. Her authenticity transcends it all.

The Rev. Dr. Bob Gallagher



violence hits home

at election time

To the editor:

Our family is disturbed about what happened in Benghazi. The handling of this situation is a disgrace for the families whose loved ones were murdered and their cries are going unanswered by President Obama and the State Department. Can you imagine not knowing how your child died, but only that he did? Rumors continue to surface that Ambassador Stevens was violated in a depraved manner.

U.S. intelligence officials knew within 24 hours of the attack that it was terrorist and suspected Al Qaeda-tied elements were involved, though it took the administration a week to acknowledge it. Why so long to tell us the facts?

There were five attacks leading up to the Sept. 11 assault. Two attacks in the month of April, again in May, and two in June. How is it possible we were not prepared for this when the ambassador himself said he felt unsafe on his morning run and changed his routine? How is it that the United Kingdom felt it was not a safe place for their ambassador and pulled him out in June, but we did nothing for Ambassador Stevens?

It is profoundly disturbing that shortly prior to this horrific murder our protectors were pulled out of Benghazi. If Obama would do that to one of our consulates in a volatile area, think about how vulnerable he is leaving this country.

This is a coverup at the highest level because it is an election year. Why won’t Obama tell us the truth — because the murder of a U.S. ambassador is an act of war? Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Qaeda is alive, well and thriving!

We will be voting for Mitt Romney and this is just another example of how incompetent the Obama administration has been.

Jeralyn Levasseur


O’Connor Ives will help rebuild country from ground up

To the editor:

Most of us are presently preoccupied with the upcoming presidential election. We are divided, apparently on the choice to be made, confused over the visions being presented, unsure of the direction to follow. Polls reveal us to be terribly dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of Congress. In this letter, I want to have us shift our vision, at least momentarily from up there to down here. I am advocating for the candidacy of Kathleen O’Connor Ives, a Democrat running for state senator in the 1st Essex District.

For the past six years, this remarkable young woman has demonstrated leadership skills with the Newburyport City Council. From everything I can glean, she has done her homework, has done the hard work of generating measures, lining up votes for decisions to be made by the council.

One example of her work close to a direct concern of my own was her co-sponsorship of a resolution to obtain an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United ruling. It was heartening to see this resolution pass unanimously. And it was even more encouraging to see Councilor Ives’ awareness of, and support for the S7772 measure to the same effect in the state legislature months later.

When state Sen. Baddour announced his resignation a while back, it seemed only natural that Kathleen O’Connor Ives should announce to run for this seat, so important to us who live in Newburyport. (It is interesting, and validating, that she leaves the council with endorsements and best wishes from her fellow councilors.) It is exhilarating to have smart young people, dedicated to public service, stepping into the breech. (I say this as a retired senior, veteran of 30 years of teaching at North Shore Community College.) We need able persons, with experience in government, who know how to analyze and tackle the problems we face, trained with some of the necessary tools such as quality education and law that schooling provide. We need more than competence, however. In addition, we need people who practice ethics, are trustworthy and reliable, far-sighted, with vision for the future. Anyone interested in learning more about Kathleen O’Connor Ives should go to her website —voteforives.com.

At the risk of being too wordy, I would like to conclude with a pertinent reference from columnist, political scientist, and historian, E.J.Dionne Jr. In his newly published book, “Our Divided Political Heart,’’ he argues that we have lost our balance as a nation. He feels that from time to time in our history this has happened as we lose the vital tension between the individual (individualism), and the community (read neighborhood, state, and nation). In calling our attention to the importance of this decision about a choice for state senator, electing a person with such leadership qualities, I am suggesting that she not only cares about our community, but would represent us well, and help redress the balance called for.

Walter Mott


More support for O’Connor Ives

To the editor:

All of her Newburyport fellow city councilors endorse the candidacy of Kathleen O’Connor Ives for state senator from the 1st Essex district. This unusual support comes about because they have worked with her and have seen her commitment to thorough research on every issue, and also the intelligence and integrity she brings to their discussions.

We can depend on her to continue to listen carefully to us and to vote responsibly in our best interests. Please vote for Kathleen O’Connor Ives on Nov. 6 and assure us of thoughtful and responsible representation.

Judith Grohe


A vote for Warren is a vote for peace

To the editor:

Republican Scott Brown can scream all he wants about being an Independent.

It just isn’t so!

The fact is that, when push comes to shove, he will cast a (tie-breaking) vote to bring back the Bush-Cheney years in both failed economics and in hawk intrusions in the Middle East. We don’t need another war!

Moderate Republican and Retired General Powell says it well: “The president got us out of one war, started to get us out of a second war, and did not get us into any new wars.”

We need a Senate that will continue to do the same.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Gallagher