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May 2, 2013

Gymnast Paulhus defies death -- twice!

You may not know Gina Paulhus, unless you’re into gymnastic circles, training and fitness. It is in those circles where she has built up a strong reputation throughout Greater Haverhill.

All while surviving life-threatening emergency abdominal surgeries in 2008 and 2009 due to intestinal obstructions.

Doctors told her she would never regain her previous performance level, but she gave them a dose of her therapy. Gina Paulhus is an example of true grit and gratitude.

She happens to be the current Ladies AAU Level All-Around Gymnastics Champion in an arena reserved for the extremely fit. The fact she’s a home exercise coach and works out consistently hasn’t hurt.

“I never intended to have fitness as a career goal,” she admits. “I started out working in the YMCA fitness center because my father went there. I started taking gymnastics classes in high school, which geared me toward becoming a therapist. All through college, I continued working as a trainer and started my own business as a senior.”

That would be a venture called Home Bodies, aimed at helping those who don’t prefer a gym atmosphere. She figured it to be an untapped niche and the results proved complimentary. Out of it came a book she authored called “Mind Over Fatter.”

She considers it her “fitness bible” and all her clients have a copy. In the past nine years, she’s rehabilitated a woman who had a hip replacement and people with chronic back pain, and motivated those who were depressed and dejected.

Paulhus speaks and guides from experience. She is an established gymnast, but her life suddenly spiraled backwards with intestinal obstructions which took her away from work and curtailed all exercise. After she beat that, along came more surgery the next year and then a hernia.

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