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February 20, 2014

Free offer: Two Bruins tickets up for grabs

I never win anything. Well, hardly anything.

In a raffle, I once won a gift certificate to a restaurant, if I wanted to travel far for the meal. Another time, I received a couple of movie passes. Woop-de-do!

Oh, yes, let’s not forget the overnight I once received to a motel — a mile from my home. And while we’re at it, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the coffee mug with a pound of coffee included. That one cost me $10 in raffle tickets, which was more than the value of the prize.

So, it came as a big surprise when I received a telephone call from a parade chairman saying I won third prize in the gala drawing this year.

After 20 years of buying raffle tickets, more to support the cause than my own pleasure, I finally struck pay dirt.

“Well, what did I win?”

“Congratulations,” said the caller. “You have won two choice seats to a Boston Bruins game.”

I nearly dropped my teeth. The Bruins? My favorite hockey team? I hit the jackpot.

Good thing it wasn’t second prize. That would have gotten me a free perm at the beauty parlor in town. Fourth prize would have been a bust, too. A season’s lift pass to a ski lodge. I don’t ski.

Fifth prize would have also been a waste. A complimentary membership to the YMCA. Since I already belong and paid up for the coming year, to wait another year before cashing in would have been somewhat brazen.

On the other hand, the Bruins tickets were a treat — more than you could bargain for.

“Forget the car. We’d take the train, enjoy the game, have dinner in the North End, and buy some trinkets for the kids,” my wife volunteered.

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