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February 20, 2014

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — Someone’s putting all that snow we’ve been getting to good use.

Did you see that huge snow castle on Main Street near the intersection of 9th Avenue last week? It was turning heads of passersby when the Lamplighter drove past.

The castle was about four feet tall, with much detail, including the jagged tops of walls. Clearly, someone put lots of effort into it.

He tried but failed

It’s always a bad sign when a business fails, especially one where the owner was dedicated to making it work.

So is the case with the Gulf of Maine fish market, which has gone out of business at the corner of Winter and Hale streets. The Lamplighter recently noticed a “for lease’’ sign on the building. It’s a shame.

As told in a previous Gazette story, shop owner Jim Waldrip sold fresh fish from a truck near the Groveland Bridge for years before moving to Winter and Hale.

Heading out of town

You’ll no longer be seeing this woman’s familiar face around City Hall.

Assistant City Clerk Heather Budrewicz is leaving Haverhill for a new job as town administrator for Southampton, which is a few miles west of Holyoke in the western part of the state.

Budrewicz, who grew up in Haverhill, said Southampton is a small town with about 6,000 residents compared to Haverhill, which has about 10 times that number.

“It’s a small town with an interesting personality,” she told the Lamplighter.

As to why she is leaving her Haverhill job, Budrewicz said she wants to grow professionally.

Leave the holiday decor alone

A Gazette reader called the Lamplighter to say she disagreed with an observation made recently that questioned why some residents are leaving up their Christmas decorations so long after the holiday.

The caller said she leaves up her Christmas tree and lights long past the end of December. She said they brighten the cold winter season when darkness sets in early.

“This winter has been so cold and snowy,’’ she said.

The Lamplighter certainly cannot disagree.

He’s going with the snowy flow

While no one would question that we’ve been hit by a wave of snow storms, one well-known local man likes to keep things light — as in tossing around a few jokes when people complain about Mother Nature’s ire.

Dick LeBlond is known for his volunteer work along the city — from cleanups near the statue of General Lafayette in the square of the same name to work at the park on Route 110 along the river.

He also is gaining a reputation for his emails. One recent one circulated after a whopper of a storm hit the region. The email contained a photo of a home in Russia that was literally almost covered with snow, nearly to the peak of the roof.

The email displayed the words “Snoooo, Stop complaining!’’

You don’t see this every day

The Lamplighter noticed an unusual charge against a man recently arrested by Haverhill police.

The odd charge was brought against a man on Lincoln Avenue, near the stadium and Riversedge plaza. He was charged with begging for money.

Leaving well enough alone

Northern Essex Community College recently began charging students and staff to park.

They can buy single semester passes or passes for an entire year. Wonder whether city officials ever thought about charging its employees for parking at City Hall, along with residents and others who do business there.

On the other hand, given the protests against Haverhill’s paid parking downtown, maybe charging at City Hall would not be a good idea.