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February 27, 2014

The Lamp Post

They’re everywhere — almost literally.

Potholes are popping up across the city, on main streets and side roads.

Usually, we see this kind of outbreak closer to the spring, but the job of dodging them has begun for local drivers.

City workers face quite a project when the snow recedes and they begin the task of filling the holes.

The sheer number of holes also promise lots of participation in the city’s annual pothole contest, which encourages residents to report them to the city.

Closed — again

Like most other people, the Lamplighter hates seeing a “closed sign’’ in the window of a business — as in permanently closed.

But that has happened again to the Main Street Mobil gas station in Dustin Square.

For months after the death of former owner George Wickson, the station was closed and locals wondered what, if anything, might move in. Then the station was reopened, offering full-service gas pumps for people who did not want to get out of their cars (especially good in the winter cold).

But the station closed again just over a week ago. Have to wonder whether the convenience store across the street, which offers self-serve gas at lower prices, had much of an impact. Also have to wonder what will become of the property, a prime commercial spot on a main drag.

And speaking of prime locations

Another former gas station in a great location also continues to sit vacant — and it’s been that way for years.

The old station on the Bradford side of the Comeau Bridge has been empty for more than a decade. It closed when the deteriorated old Comeau Bridge was abandoned, halting traffic to that side of the bridge.

Even though the “new’’ Comeau Bridge has been open for years, bringing motorists back to the area, the gas station property is still abandoned. It’s a prime spot near the river.

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