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March 6, 2014

The Lamp Post

It's been barely a month since the artist's renderings of the new building planned for the Woolworth property were unveiled.

But already business people are testing the waters to see about the chances of locating there.

The building will house a satellite campus for UMass Lowell, as well as offices and other businesses. One man who has had success in the restaurant business is inquiring about the possibility of opening something in the new building. He told the Lamplighter that he has Haverhill roots and remembers visiting the soda fountain at Woolworth's when he was a kid.

Near miss: It's never good when you hear the sound of brakes squealing near your car.

The other day, that sound reminded the Lamplighter and several other drivers about the dangers of not observing yield signs at the end of highway off-ramps.

The incident happened on the I-495 overpass that carries Route 125 over the highway. A hasty cab driver travelling an off-ramp failed to slow down at the yield sign, and cars with the right of way on Route 125 were all but on top of him.

To avoid a crash, the cabbie hit his brakes hard and cut up against the guardrail. No one was hut, but plenty of people were shaken up.

Mea culpa: The Lamplighter had a memory lapse concerning the abandoned gas station next to the Comeau Bridge in Bradford.

About a month ago, the Lamplighter told our readers that Skateland bought the station to demolish the existing buildings and add to its parking area. But more recently, this column lamented the fact that nothing was happening with the gas station. Oh the ravages of age.

The gas station has indeed been purchased by Skateland.

As if we didn't have enough: Everyone's been talking about those potholes which riddle city streets, but the holes have been appearing on the highway too.

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