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December 19, 2013

'Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll'


And through the glass the clothes-line posts

Looked in like tall and sheeted ghosts.

So all night long the storm roared on :

The morning broke without a sun ;

In tiny spherule traced with lines

Of Nature’s geometric signs,

In starry flake, and pellicle,

All day the hoary meteor fell;

And, when the second morning shone,

We looked upon a world unknown.

On nothing we could call our own.

Around the glistening wonder bent

The blue walls of the firmament.

No cloud above, no earth below —

A universe of sky and snow!

The old familiar sights of ours

Took marvellous shapes; strange domes and towers

Rose up where sty or corn-crib stood,

Or garden wall, or belt of wood;

A smooth white mound the brush-pile showed,

A fenceless drift what once was road;

The bridle-post an old man sat 60

With loose-flung coat and high cocked hat;

The well-curb had a Chinese roof;

And even the long sweep, high aloof,

In its slant splendor, seemed to tell

Of Pisa’s leaning miracle.

A prompt, decisive man, no breath

Our father wasted: “Boys, a path!”

Well pleased (for when did farmer boy

Count such a summons less than joy?)

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