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February 6, 2014

Haverhill's Cardarelli enlists local Boys & Girls club to star in music video

Singer enlists city's Boys & Girls Club for music video


“At the beginning of a meeting for our (teenage) group called the Keystone Club, I talked to the kids about it and they ran with it,’’ she said. “They were already our most outgoing teens, who are here on a daily basis. They were more than enthusiastic about it.”

For the teens, it felt like a perfect fit.

“We walk around the club every day singing and dancing,” said Rosario. “We knew we wanted to do it, and we wanted to take charge of it. Once it became official, we said, ‘This is real.’”

Joining Rosario in the cast were her fellow Boys & Girls Club members Priscilla Pabon, Melina Rolon, Camilla Mera, Lauren Hinchcliffe, Jay Pereya, Brian Nguyen and, just barely, Jacob Baril.

“As soon as everyone found out, I was depressed because I wasn’t a teen,” said Baril, a seventh-grader at Consentino School. “A couple of weeks before the shooting began, I brought it to Deb’s attention that my birthday was in November and I was turning 13, and she said I could just make it. I was really overwhelmed by the opportunity to be in it.”

The cast, with the help of Card, set to work on planning the video, writing a complete shooting script, including locations and a formulated a story.

“We sat in the teen center for a while and mapped out the video, listening to the song over and over,” said Card. “We considered a number of different areas because we wanted it to represent the city of Haverhill.”

Shooting of the “Complicated” video took place through November, with the cast filming at locations including Haverhill’s Trinity Stadium, GAR Park, Camp Tasker in Newton, N.H., and at the Boys & Girls Club.

“I thought it was amazing,” said Pereyra, a Haverhill High sophomore. “I don’t think many clubs have the chance to do something like this. I got to play a lot of catch, and there were a few great bloopers. It was a great experience.”

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