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February 6, 2014

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — If you’ve driven south out of Dustin Square lately, you likely ran into — almost literally — a traffic danger spot.

City workers have been doing repairs there, across from the intersection of Main Street and Marsh Avenue. But since the job continued for several days, workers left traffic barrels there at night with warning lights on top.

The problem: The lights did not work, so drivers coming around the corner from the square at night could not see the barrels until their cars were nearly at the spot. It resulted in several near misses — and some angry drivers.

What will it take?

The former Walnut Square Variety store, once a successful business, just cannot find a good match.

Years ago, the store, which is across the street from Walnut Square School, was a gold mine, drawing many customers from neighbors living around it. But since then, several businesses have come and gone there — including a pizza shop and a sandwich shop.

And, unfortunately, the storefront is empty again.

‘Tis the season — still?

The Lamplighter has noticed several homes around the city still have Christmas decorations hanging outside.

Wonder when the homeowners will give in and take down the wreaths and other items. Valentine’s Day is almost here.

From light snow to heavy stuff

Neighbors of resident Don McGrath are ever grateful for him demonstrating how to remove a dusting of snow by using his leaf blower. Seems they all followed suit with their own blowers.

On a heavier note, neighbors of Joe Arsenault in Bradford were also grateful for his mini John Deere tractor after a foot of snow fell last month. Seems Joe plowed out half the street he lives on.

Plenty of pats on the back

The recent retirement party fundraiser for The ARC was a huge success.

Pam Weiner was showered with citations, gifts, and praise for her 30 years of service.

Kudos to Eileen Woefel and her crew for putting together a great program. Even MC Jim Jajuga (who has been known to be a bit long winded at times) was brief in his remarks and kept the program flowing nicely. He also was no longer tied to a gurney. (See the TV22 movie trailer spoof.)

Another record for local

Kudos too to Angie Comei, who broke her own Stonehill College triple jump record at a recent meet.

She is the daughter of Cindi and Dan Comei of Haverhill.

Packing a punch

Ray Hebert, who owns and runs the Downtown Haverhill Boxing organization, says coverage from the Gazette resulted in the getting club eight new members.

He said they showed up at the club a couple of weeks ago week to join because they saw stories in the Gazette.

Hebert said that if that success continues, his club could be successful over the long haul.