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June 13, 2013

The Lamp Post

:Headaches for drivers: The new traffic lights in Bradford’s Central Square are giving drivers fits, and the ripple effect is being felt blocks away. The state put the lights into operation last week as part of the Route 125 reconstruction project, and immediately traffic jams began happening. The backups were so bad that their effects were being felt a quarter mile away. Neighbors trying to enter Route 125 from side roads said the line of traffic backed up on the main street prevented them from getting out of their roads for long stretches.

Eye-catching activity: Driving by Haverhill High School the other day, the Lamplighter noticed a curious scene. Students in the front driveway were marching in various formations. At first it appeared to be some kind of marching band practice without instruments, but closer inspection showed one of the students was yelling out military style commands. Turns out the kids were members of the school’s Junior ROTC program.

Reopen — finally: The Main Street Mobil gas station on Route 125 in Dustin Square, near the intersection of Main and Primrose streets, is finally open again. The station reopened for business last week, after being closed for months. The closing came after the death of longtime station owner George Wickson. Neighbors speculated week after week about what might become of the building and land. Clearly, it was best suited to be a gas station and has reopened as one.

Artistic honor: Another local artist has been honored by Mayor James Fiorentini. He named William Rogers as June Artist of the Month in Haverhill. Several works of the local painter are on display in the mayor’s City Hall office. Rogers lives in Rocks Village. Rogers has exhibited his works in many group and solo shows. He has many pieces in art collections throughout the country. For many years, he ran WilliamRogers Backdrops, creating backdrops of skies, landscapes and other kinds for photographers. In Haverhill, he created the faux limestone wall in St. James Church.

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