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January 27, 2011

Eastern medicine, meet Haverhill

One of Haverhill's newest businesses is bringing with it ancient techniques to promote individual self-awareness and healing.

The Wei Chi Healing Center and Shop, 57 Wingate St., celebrates its grand opening on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 29 and 30, with various free lectures, ranging in topics from aromatherapy and female empowerment to herbs for love and lust and astrology.

Additionally, practitioners will give an introduction to Wei Chi, the ancient Tibetan stress relief and healing philosophy.

"It is a natural way of healing that helps guide the person to the process of setting goals, developing skillsets, giving them tools," said Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, owner of the shop. "We it the process of empowering one to heal one's self. We're very geared in the Wei Chi modality that people have to take responsibility of their own lives, and then have to participate in their own healing process."

Dr. Kevin, as he is called by his clients, has a nonmedical doctorate degree in divinity from Universal Brotherhood University in Atlanta and wrote his doctoral thesis on nonmedical approaches to attention-deficit disorders. He said the Wei Chi system combines the channeling of energies with engaging the person in a process that increases self-awareness and promotes personal growth and change.

"If you were to blend some basic counseling and coaching concepts, add in some Eastern mysticism, and also the receiving of some intuitive guidance, to help facilitate as much change as the client will allow," he said.

Elmer Howard, the manager at the shop and a practitioner for two years, said each person's experience with Wei Chi differs, and called the philosophy "hands on healing."

"The practitioner is a conduit. They draw upon universal energy," he said. "The way I do it, as I breathe in , I envision the energy coming in, up through my feet from the Earth. And then when I breathe out, I envision the energy going out through my hands."

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