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March 13, 2014

The Lamp Post

Let’s give credit where it’s due.

City workers and a local company have been hustling to take care of the pothole problem, and they’ve brought positive results.

A couple of weeks ago, the potholes were everywhere, forcing drivers on main streets and back roads to dodge them.

But lately, the Lamplighter is seeing fewer of the holes. In fact, one local woman said she was happily surprised to see a pothole filled in the very day she planned to report it on the city’s pothole hotline.

Time to sign off

Several yellow signs in Walnut Square designed to advertise an event at nearby Whittier Middle School are lying in the street.

The signs were effective when they were stuck in tall snowbanks to get the attention of passersby. But with the recent thaw, they have fallen from the snowbanks and are in the road.

It’s time for students to pick them up.

Speaking of signs

The small park on the Lawrence Street side of Round Pond has a sign banning dogs from the area, but some people have found a way to skirt the rule.

They walk their dogs on the frozen pond surface just outside the park.

Hopefully, they clean up after the critters so skaters don’t have an unwanted incident.

And speaking of ponds

Have you noticed the recent rush of fishermen to places like Round Pond and Plug Pond, where they cut holes in the ice and drop in their lines?

The Lamplighter has seen the fishermen all over local lakes and ponds lately.

Wonder what the most commonly caught fish is?

Not a barrel of fun

City workers may have been well meaning when they left an orange caution barrel over a pothole in the road near Gale Park, but it caused a problem for drivers there.

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