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March 20, 2014

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — The TV show “Chronicle’’ has made stops in Haverhill in the past, notably when it did a piece on local author Andre Dubus III and the success of “Townie’’ — his memoir about his teenage and young adult years here.

The show made another visit to the city recently, this time to highlight the Mason and Hamlin company.

The show aired on Tuesday of this week. It focused on manufacturing in Massachusetts. Mason and Hamlin is one of the oldest makers of pianos in America and a source of pride for the city.

Downtown suffers a loss

The Lamplighter was surprised to learn that Coach’s, a downtown sports bar and pub on the ground floor of the historic Whittier Hotel building in Washington Square, has closed.

The business opened about a year ago and locals say they liked the food, atmosphere and owners. The 130-year-old building has been home to several small eateries, condos and retail stores in recent years.

With its fancy ironwork and Gothic-style arches on top, the structure is considered one of downtown’s finest examples of Queen Anne architecture.

He’s on the run

Kudos to Haverhill High alum Tim Catoggio, also formerly of Stonehill College, the runner who won the St. Patrick’s Day Boys and Girls Clubs of South Boston 5k Road Race.

His victory came March 16.

Raise money before razing Woolworth’s

Here’s a thought about how the developers of the old Woolworth property downtown can endear themselves to the community.

How about having an auction of items taken out of the old department store before it is demolished to make way for a UMass Lowell satellite campus and several businesses.

The sale of items such as antique soda fountain stools could benefit local charities. Locals who remember being in Woolworth’s before it closed in the late 1960s fondly recall the fountain and other amenities of the day.

It’s about time

That road repair issue on Main Street just south of the Marsh Avenue intersection has finally been resolved.

For several weeks this winter, the spot was being worked on and orange caution cones marked the area. But due to its location — in a darkened area and just beyond a curve in the road — drivers could easily be upon the spot before realizing the danger. That sometimes caused them to swerve to avoid the spot.

But thankfully the work has been completed and the road is back to normal.

No ice rink anytime soon

When you think of GAR Park across from City Hall, images of park benches and war statues come to mind, maybe even a memory of a concert performed on the stage there.

A while back, the city was considering adding to the park by installing an ice skating rink there, possibly by using grant money from the state or federal government. But Mayor James Fiorentini said the plan is on the shelf.

That leaves residents interested in skating still able to enjoy the rink at Riverside Park next to the stadium, plus all of Haverhill’s lakes and ponds.

Bring it on

With the higher temps starting to arrive and the longer daylight hours, do you really care if we get any more snow?

The white stuff, even the recent 3 inches we got, is melting quickly. It’s nice to do no shoveling, but instead let the sun do the work.