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April 4, 2013

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:Springing into Red Sox mode: Local man-around-town Peter Carbone put out the word to friends late last week to gather momentum for the Red Sox. An email from Carbone to people he converses with electronically welcomed them to meet him at a popular downtown restaurant and watering hole for opening day. “Join us for a late lunch after 1 p.m. at The Lasting Room to see Jackie Bradley and The Red Sox open the season at Yankee Stadium,’’ the invitation from the well-known owner of E-Z Way Cleaners said.

A bad ad: As city declares war on graffiti, trains passing through the heart of Haverhill are moving advertisements for the blight. The Lamplighter recently noticed large graffiti marks on just about each of the dozen cars on one freight train passing through downtown. City councilors have been insisting Haverhill do more to fight graffiti, after a recent outbreak in neighborhoods and business areas.

Coming and going: That old barn next to a house at the east end of Lawrence Street is gone, demolished by heavy equipment that made quick work of the deteriorated structure. At the same time, a new house being built at the site of a fire-demolished building two blocks away is quickly coming together. Carpenters began working on the house less than a month ago, but already the outside is nearly complete.

Sandy streets of spring: All the sand on the side of local roads reminds the Lamplighter that a rite of passage into spring is the arrival of street sweepers. This year, the sweepers operated by city workers have plenty of ground to cover. The city’s effort to fight slippery roads during this winter’s storms has left plenty of sand behind. And, as always, police warn drivers to be aware of the sand, especially at intersections where it can affect their ability to stop.

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