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April 17, 2014

The Lamp Post

If you wake up at an odd hour and think you’re imagining bright flashing lights, don’t worry.

It might just be the city’s street sweeper doing its springtime thing. The vehicle has been spotted recently at all hours on various main streets and side roads.

For the last few years, the street sweeper has combed the inner city to pick up sand on the side of roads, left there from the city’s efforts to battle winter storms.

City loses a friend

The Lamplighter was saddened to hear about the death of Thomas Brennan Jr., a former Haverhill school counselor who worked in the Haverhill system in the late 1970s.

He left here for several jobs in New Hampshire, where he eventually worked as a high-ranking school superintendent. Brennan, who is remembered by many in Haverhill, died last week after a long illness.

Eye-catching birds

Passersby on Route 110 near Kenoza Lake couldn’t help but notice an unusual sight on a nearby marsh one day last week.

Two beautiful swans were swimming on the marsh’s high-than-usual water, made that way by the wet spring.

The scene made the Lamplighter remember an incident several years ago involving swans on the Merrimack River,not far from the Methuen line. Someone shot the birds, in violation of conservation laws. But memory fades about whether the culprits were ever caught.

Signs of spring — road style

We’re seeing plenty of signs of spring these days — plants blossoming, birds returning from the south — but here’s a different sign that the weather has turned for the better.

Several antique cars have been spotted on city streets lately. They are the kind you never see during the winter, their owners not risking exposing them to the rough weather and salt on the roads.

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