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November 8, 2012

Letters to the editor

Thanks to YMCA for weathering the storm

To the editor:

On a day when schools were shut down and many businesses closed their operations due to Hurricane Sandy, the Haverhill YMCA maintained its normal business hours even into the late afternoon hours, allowing three fervent racquetball players time to finish their workout.

When news of an earlier shutdown arrived at the court, management waited until the players finished one last game and showering before the door was closed.

The three players were the last to leave the facility, playing the sport they have revered for the past 30 years, only because the dependable facility maintained its vigil through the storm.

Ron Weeks, former Groveland police chief, negotiated two detours to arrive for his match while George Yell spent his day in the open as an employee of the Haverhill Water Department. The game has always been his panacea, even in foul weather, while Haverhill Gazette columnist Tom Vartabedian was recently recognized for his 50 years of membership with the YMCA.

We wish to express our appreciation to the YMCA for bringing a ray of sunshine into our hearts on such a gloomy day.

Tom Vartabedian, Ron Weeks, George Yell

Shame on man who ruined girl’s trick-or-treating

To the editor:

I am absolutely appalled at the way an adult treated my poor 11-year-old daughter while trick or treating on Saturday.

I was out trick-or-treating with my daughter in the Walnut Square area when we arrived at this particular house along with about 15 to 20 other kids and parents. The man on the porch asked my daughter what grade she is in, and she told him she was in the sixth grade. He then asked her a multiplication problem. My daughter froze. I told the man that math was difficult for her and a woman I am assuming was his wife said, “How about a 5 times 5?” My very relieved daughter immediately answered “25.’’ The man, who had a large bag of candy on his lap, reached not into the candy but into a bag he had off to the side and handed my daughter a ruler and a piece of paper with MCAS questions on it. He then explained, not to me or my daughter, but another adult in the vicinity, that that’s what they were doing for “the older kids.’’

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