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November 1, 2012

A salute to our military veterans


The pity of it all is that not enough loyalists come out to watch a Veterans Day parade. Most people treat the holiday as a day to catch a few extra winks, enjoy a couple beers over the barbeque, and maybe wax the car. Only a dedicated few will come out to attend the ceremony.

I find it particularly troublesome to see public apathy at a time like this. On this Veterans Day, let us all take a moment to reflect.

Let us count our blessings to be living in a homeland where peace and security is a much better alternative than a car bomb being detonated in a Third World country.

Let us applaud the fact we can worship any faith to our heart’s content, vote for whom we please, raise our children in a relatively safe environment and give them the educational opportunities they richly deserve.

America owes much of her success to immigrants. Large countries as well as small have contributed their share in making this country a haven for the refugee. Our military veterans have preserved that allegiance with honor, dignity and extreme patriotism.

Often, we pay tribute to the men in our military. So here’s a vote of gratitude to the women who have served their time without fanfare. At a time when women were discouraged from enlisting, many from this city took the ultimate step.

This past Labor Day found me in Boston covering the Armenian Youth Federation Olympics for my ethnic press — a job I’ve handled for the past 42 years as a labor of love. That’s not the story.

Two men were seated at a table, enjoying the festivities, when a conversation ensued. One was from California, the other from nearby Springfield. Upon introducing themselves formally, they discovered a close tie with one another.

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