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January 10, 2013

Santa Fund donations accepted all year

Money goes to help people next holiday season

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — The Gazette Santa Fund has completed giving out money to local people in need this holiday season, and donations are already being collected for next Christmas.

Any donations received after this year’s $17,251 total will be used to help people during the next holiday season.

The fund will remain active year-round through a website that accepts donations. Just use the link hgazette.com/santafund and the instructions will appear.

Keeping the website active year-round will allow people to make donations whenever they want. If, for instance, a family loses a loved one and wants to make a donation in that person’s memory immediately, they can do so without waiting until holiday season.

People making donations between now and the next holiday season will have those donations listed in the Gazette as Christmas approaches.

This year’s $17,251 total surpassed the fund’s $15,000 goal.

Local organizations such as the Salvation Army and Community Action gave out the money to needy families to brighten their holiday.

The 43rd annual Haverhill Gazette Santa Fund Hole-in-One Contest in October at Garrison Golf Center set the pace for donations, raising $5,232 — 25 percent more than the total from last year’s contest.

Garrison owners Ted and Mary Murphy encouraged residents to follow the contest’s lead and donate to the fund, and the people of Haverhill responded.

Since the contest, donations have been coming to the Gazette and adding up toward the goal of $15,000, and then surpassing it.

The Gazette and people who benefit from the giving offer sincere thanks to all those who donated.