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January 10, 2013

Marge Brewer was one of a kind

You gotta hand it to Marge Brewer for yet another thoughtful act of kindness.

She waited until the day after Christmas to declare her passing, undoubtedly because she didn’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday.

That was Marge:Thoughtful, considerate, passionate about others and her own indelible spirit. That’s how she will be remembered.

I can count on one hand the people I most admired in this community over a lifetime of journalism. Marge would be at the head of her class. I never told her that. It would have humbled her to embarrassment.

“Oh, no, you’ve got the wrong woman,” I can hear her saying. “If we can’t help one another, then what’s the sense of living?”

Perhaps that is why she lived to age 96. Because she had a role to play and God needed a few good people around here to keep the peace.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you a week seldom went by when I didn’t get a phone call from Marge. One day, it would be about the children’s May Pole celebration she conducted for 35 consecutive years. The next day it would encompasses a trip for the elderly.

Marge played both generations against the middle. She kept all factions happy. She was a friend to those who had none and to others who had plenty.

When Marge spoke, you listened. She always had something to say, always for the good.

How she managed to have so many irons in the fire is beyond me. She sparked her own inferno of activity.

Well into her 80s, she called one day with an urgent plea, looking for some press. Marge wanted a center for the youth of Riverside. She was looking for a place where kids could come, enjoy some companionship, get homework help and develop a sense of security.

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