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January 17, 2013

Thoughts to ponder while shaving

Time to lather up my face, get out a sharp razor, and go to work. Not that it’ll change my appearance any. But it’ll give me a chance to get some thoughts together.

New Year’s musings

I know, it’s the start of another year and I’m prepared to meet the ravages of time. My idea of a celebration these days is to take in a movie and dine Chinese. No hoopla. No false hilarity. No resolutions, either. I’ve never had any success keeping them.

How about a fresh start instead? Let’s start by putting on a happy face and maintaining a friendly disposition throughout the day. Works every time.

Raffle tickets

Want to buy a raffle ticket? I know. You’re sick of them, same as I am. You can’t get by the door of your home without someone approaching you to take a chance. Used to be they were a quarter a pop, five for $1. Now, the going price for one of these tickets is $100 and they’re coming at you from all directions.

Much too often, the guy selling them is the one who winds up the winner. What are the chances of pulling your own name out of a box? Pretty slim I would say.

And there are people like my niece who can win an all-expense-paid trip for two to Ireland and be housed in a castle with all the amenities, only because she entered a raffle at some church drawing.

“You don’t win if you don’t enter,” they tell me.

In most cases, I’ll subscribe to the offer, just to get these people off my back. I know they’re supporting a good cause, but if you buy enough of these, you might wind up becoming the charity instead of the philanthropist.

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