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January 31, 2013

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:Strange happening in the sky: Some residents of the city’s Riverside area contacted the Lamplighter to report an unusual event that happened early one morning last week. People were stirred from sleep about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday by the sound of a helicopter passing slowly overhead. Some got up to look out and see the vehicle flying very low in the sky, with its front running lights on. It was strange, as if the helicopter was tracking someone or something.

:Taking the TV spotlight: Members of the former Haverhill Boxing Club were featured Jan. 17 on the New England Sports Network (NESN), which shows Bruins and Red Sox games. The TV spot showed them being trained by their coaches and told the hard-luck story of how the group lost its home and is looking for a new home. As explained earlier in stories in the Gazette and The Eagle-Tribune, the young boxers lost their gym in the old St. Michael’s Church because the organization could not afford the rent and utility bills.

:Happy 100th: Congratulations to Lillian Sherburne, who celebrated her 100th birthday last week. Mayor James Fiorentini was on hand to give her a citation from the city. The event was at the Wingate at Haverhill nursing home on North Avenue, where she lives.

:Getting a break: Haverhill resident Billy Ray Hawkins Jr. is on his way to joining the Fire Department, despite a state law that says the 34-year-old is too old to enter the profession. City Council approved a home-petition last week asking the Legislature to exempt Hawkins from a state law that says a person cannot be older than 32 prior to taking the firefighter exam. Hawkins said he recently became certified as an emergency medical technician and that he has always wanted to be a firefighter, but procrastinated in pursuing it. Councilors told Hawkins he looks younger than his age and appears physically fit. Councilor William Ryan told him, “I want to see you coming up the ladder if I’m ever in a burning building.”

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