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February 7, 2013

Boys & Girls Club game statistics


Blase Distefano took the victory over Pistone Containers in an overtime shootout. The score remained 0-0 until the overtime shootout period, when Frank Libby scored the game winning goal. The final score was 1-0. Blase Distefano has 5-2 record, and Pistone Containers has a 3-4 record.

Minor League Basketball, Week 7

Richdale Convenience Store continued its six game losing streak, dropping the game to Fireside Restaurant & Pub. Nazair Dabreo scored 17 points in the showdown for Fireside Restaurant & Pub. Julio Jubert scored 19 points for Richdale Convenience Store, but it was not enough to take the victory over Fireside. Richdale has a 1-6 record, and Fireside Restaurant has a 5-2 record.

Early Contractors beat Shoe City Hardware by three points. Ryan Whitcomb scored 14 points for Early Contractors in the showdown. Carlos Rivera scored 14 points for Shoe City Hardware, but it was four points shy of the win. Both teams were left with records of 4 wins and 3 losses.

The Common 1854 put an end to its losing streak by beating Jacquelines Grocery Store. Sebastian Batista played a big role in the game with several offensive rebounds. The Common 1854 has a 3-4 record, and Jacquelines Grocery Store has a 4-3 record.

Major League Basketball, Week 7

High Street Market remained in first place by beating JDR’s Auto/Welding & Towing. Brendyn Downer played a big role in the victory with 34 points for High Street Market. Ken Plante scored 29 points for JDR’s Auto/Welding. High Street Market has a 6-1 record, and JDR has a 3-4 record.

Destiny’s Spanish Market is gaining momentum from its last place position by beating Early Contractors by three points.

Stephon Allen scored 41 points in the showdown for Destiny’s Spanish Market, which has a 2-5 record. Early Contractors has a 3-4 record.

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