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February 5, 2013

Boys & Girls Club game statistics


Major League Floor Hockey Week 6

Dempsey Insurance got the win over Messinger Chiropractic in an overtime shootout. Tyresse Gutierrez, Joe Santoro and Isaiah Murnane each scored a goal for Dempsey Insurance. Tuan Nguyen scored two goals and Jomil Reynoso scored one goal for Messinger Chiropractic to tie the game. In the shootout, Joe Santoro scored a goal that secured the victory, leaving Dempsey Insurance tied for first place with a 4-2 record.

Blase Distefano took the victory in an overtime shootout against Twomey & Legare Contracting. Jacob Ruperto scored a goal with 8:41 left in the third period to tie the game 1-1 for Twomey & Legare Contracting. Jared Libby was strong in the shootout, scoring the winning goal for Blase Distefano. Twomey & Legare Contracting and Blase Distefano are tied for first place with 4-2 records.

Malcolm Insurance got its first win, beating Pistone Containers. Jose Cespedes scored the goal that secured the win for Malcolm Insurance in the third period. Diovy Paulino played goalie the entire game, and did a great job for Malcolm Insurance. Pistone Containers has a 3-3 record. Malcolm Insurance has a 1-5 record.

Minor League Basketball Week 6

Richdale Convenience Store suffered its fifth consecutive loss, dropping a game to Shoe City Hardware. Carlos Rivera, Woody Reese and Yonga Zagarella each scored nine points for Shoe City Hardware. Julio Jubert scored 15 points for Richdale Convenience, but it wasn’t enough. Shoe City Hardware has a 4-2 record and is tied for first place.

Jacquelines Grocery Store took the win over Early Contractors by four points. Cristian Ovalles and Joshua Gariepy showed great teamwork for Jacquelines Grocery Store, leaving the team tied for first place with a 4-2 record. Early Contractors has a 3-3 record.

The Common 1854 fought hard in a close game against Fireside Restaurant & Pub, but Fireside took the win by one point. Phillip Cunningham stepped up for Fireside Restaurant & Pub, scoring 14 points. The Common 1854 was left with with a 2-4 record. Fireside Restaurant & Pub is tied for first place with a 4-2 record.

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