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February 21, 2013

The Lamp Post

:Snow slips away: Did you notice how quickly the huge snow piles leftover from the blizzard began to shrink once the temperatures rose just a a bit and the sun hit them? The Lamplighter was amazed at how quickly the piles lessen — a good thing for safety reasons. It has made backing out of driveways easier and allowed drivers to see around intersections before pulling out.

:Not waiting for Mother Nature’s help: Kudos to state workers who got out there shortly after the blizzard and knocked down snow piles at merges on highway ramps to give drivers a better view and help them pull onto the interstate safely.

:Another pat on the back: Kudos too to the city’s firefighters who were out there the day after the storm shoveling out fire hydrants. It was quite a job, considering the city’s square mileage, but necessary. The Lamplighter encourages anyone who lives near a hydrant that still has snow on or around it to shovel it out or report it to the Fire Department.

What’s your guess? With city workers bringing load after load of snow by dump truck to the back of the Highway Department yard, quite a mound is growing there. Wonder if it will rival the mountain that was there a couple of years ago after several big storms. To widen main streets narrowed by snow, workers use front-end loaders to fill trucks and move the white stuff to the highway yard. The mountain a couple of years ago was so big that city workers were betting how long it would take for the final bit to melt. Some said it would be into July. Does anyone remember when the final melt happened?

Not what they were looking for: As the blizzard was picking up steam that Friday afternoon, people were out making their rounds — many of them gassing up their cars and trucks. But those who went to a popular convenience store/gas station in Monument Square got an unwelcome surprise. The nozzles on the self-serve pumps were covered with signs that said they were out of gas. The Lamplighter was among the surprised customers who had to go elsewhere for gas.

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