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March 21, 2013

A league of their own

Women shift gears from family life to floor hockey


”That first game I was completely intimidated,” Bushey said. “I expected it would be rough and that I’d get hurt, but it wasn’t that way.”

These women play with a fair amount of finesse, and, as in women’s ice hockey, they aren’t allowed to check. The league has a no-contact rule, although unintentional collisions do happen.

Clay said he wanted to provide women with an opportunity to be involved in a team sport they would enjoy and have some fun with.

”A lot of the moms and dads love watching their children play floor hockey, so I thought it would be a great chance for moms to play in their own league,” he said. “With the spark of interest in this, we hope to have a women’s basketball league in the fall and maybe a dodge ball league, depending on the interest.

”It makes me happy that we can give women in the community this opportunity,” Clay said.

Bushey said she’s been injury free so far, although it’s always on her mind as one player suffered a split lip in a recent game.

”It’s fast paced and the hour goes by quickly. You’re in constant motion,” said Bushey, who plays defense for the Green Monsta Chicks team.

Bushey said her team lost its first game, but when it ended she was on an adrenaline high that left her hooked on floor hockey.

”We lost 13-2 and I didn’t score as I’m not in front of the net very much,” she said.

She said her husband has taken on the role of her team’s unofficial coach and tries this best to direct the players.

From time to time, she’ll glance at the stands and see her daughters. It brings a smile to her face.

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