hgazette.com, Haverhill, MA

August 16, 2007

Lamp Post: 5th District congressional debate tonight

At the groundbreaking for the new Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Ward Hill, Alfred L. “Doc” Arcidi talked of his Westborough facility. That hospital has a street within it, complete with a vehicle to teach patients how to get in and out of cars, and it is named Whittier Way. He said there will be a similar street within the Ward Hill facility, but mayoral candidate Sally Cerasuolo-O’Rorke jokingly cautioned him that he may not want to call it “Whittier” Way. Mayor James Fiorentini was a “no show” at the groundbreaking, despite that fact he was invited and asked to speak.

Still no word: Former City Council president John Michitson has interviewed Sally Cerasuolo-O’Rorke, former mayor James A. Rurak and even William “Red” Slavit, but Mayor James Fiorentini, who is running for re-election, has yet to commit to the one-hour interview to air on HCTV’s Channel 22 before the elections. Fiorentini said he was on vacation that week......however he came back from the beach for a fire, and residents report that he was in town going door-to-door, escorting the lieutenant governor around the city before his fundraiser Thursday night, and at the opening of BJ’s Wholesale Club on Saturday. Fiorentini kicked off his campaign, and evidence of that is the lawn signs — with a new color scheme — that popped up over the weekend, some on Kenoza Avenue.

Unfair? Sally Cerasuolo-O’Rorke said it would be “unfair” for Fiorentini to be able to have such an interview after she, Rurak and Slavit had already unveiled their plans, because that means Fiorentini will have seen their interviews and tailor what he has to say around their ideas, which would give him an unfair advantage.

Special mention for a young Haverhill candlepin bowler in the latest Sports Illustrated issue. David Godwin was mentioned for sweeping all three divisions, singles, doubles and team, in the state youth championship tourney. His average is 133, with a best game of 192. He is a recent graduate of Whittier Vo-Tech. His name and picture are in the “Faces in the Crowd” section of the national magazine.

Quick Response Department: No sooner was there a mention made that there could someday be a sign marking Haverhill as “Home of Carlos Pena,” when Peter Carbone called to say there already is such a sign, at the Sovereign Bank on Main Street. As of the time of this writing, Carlos was up to 26 home runs, and was in third place in the American League home run derby.

Another fast response: A reader annoyed by vehicles parked in the running/walking track at Winnekenni Park replied to a Lamplighter item by suggesting more signs, near the tennis courts, along with large rocks in front of the track, to discourage drivers from parking there.

If the flowers around the Hannah Duston statue in GAR Park looked especially good over the weekend, it was because the Garden Club put extra effort into welcoming the Duston-Dustin family descendants who came to the city for their annual gathering.

The 5th District Democratic debate is tonight in City Hall auditorium, 7 to 8 p.m. Not only is the public welcome, people are encouraged to bring questions.

General excellence: Boston Magazine named Haverhill’s Evenfall restaurant among 348 winners in its 34th annual Best of Boston issue. The fine-dining establishment was listed in the North of Boston section for general excellence and the article recommended the “Buddy System” to shore up self-control in the face of chef Scott Pelletier’s seductive creations.

Last week the Lamplighter mentioned the word “principal” was misspelled as “principle” in a bulletin in the School Department community cable series. A quick response came from school administrators who said the bulletin did not come from them.

Bridge names department: The Lamplighter wonders if there will be a name sign on the new Comeau/County Bridge when it opens soon. (There was not one there previously.) After a recent discussion about bridge names, the Lamplighter checked the next bridge downriver and found there is a sign at the Haverhill end of the “Ralph Thomas Basiliere Bridge,” but none at the Bradford end. (The first Haverhill man killed in the Korean War was John Brown. If ever a bridge were named for him it would forever be the Brown Bridge. For years, many called the Basiliere the “white bridge.”)

Mixed signals: Sunday a resident reported to police that he found a man sleeping in his basement, and said that when he was found, the man became agitated. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

City Councilor William Macek was more than 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina, but was still able to keep up with New England news. The NBC affiliate in his Bermuda hotel was WHDH-TV/Channel 7 out of Boston. Macek said he kept up with Massachusetts news and even saw a segment about graffiti at Haverhill Stadium.

If you heard an odd noise in the northeast section of the city last Tuesday night it was probably mosquito control spraying after a mosquito-carried EEE virus was found in nearby Newton, N.H.

More people are taking advantage of the HaverhillMeds program, which provides affordable Canadian prescriptions for current and retired employees and their families. Enrollment in the program increased from 123 to 183 in the last quarter of the past fiscal year.

Pedal profit: The 19th annual Cycle for Shelter raised over $70,000 for Emmaus Inc., which shelters the homeless, and helps people back on their feet with affordable housing and job skills.

Montessori Public Charter School held its summer lottery Thursday afternoon last week to draw names for its waiting list.