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June 18, 2009

'Soles' group hopes to set world record

The excitement of 12 giant shoes making their entrance in Haverhill on July 3 at the Haverhill Stadium was not enough for the organizers of Soles of Haverhill "Shoe-la-bration;" they are also seeking to establish a Guinness World Record for the greatest number of postcards sent from one location on one day.

According to Eric Karlstad, Soles of Haverhill "Shoe-la-bration" Committee member, it was a perfect tie-in to efforts to promote Soles of Haverhill "Shoe-la-bration and invite people to rediscover Haverhill.

"I stumbled onto the category when I was researching shoe-related categories at the Guinness World Record Web site," Karlstad said.

Seeing that there was a category for the most post cards sent on one day from one location, Karlstad thought that it was a perfect contest to organize for the community.

"We want to draw attention from the community for the debut of the shoes, and we also want to get out the word about Soles of Haverhill "Shoe-la-bration", wide and far.

Starting Monday, June 22, free postcards will be available at Soles of Haverhill sponsors, including Pentucket Bank, the offices of Dentist Dr. Alan Gonick, Trinity Episcopal Church, Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union, Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, Lowell Five Bank, Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union, and other locations that will be announced.

After writing a short message and addressing the card, add postage and return to the sponsor by July 2, or bring the postcard to the Haverhill Stadium on July 3 and see the premiere of the Giant Shoes.

The Guinness World record is held by China's Luoyang City, which sent 4,493 postcards from one location at one time on April 10, 2009.

"We are encouraging everyone from the city to participate and be part of a Guinness World record. The postcard promotion is meant to be fun, promote Haverhill, and could help bring visitors to Haverhill during the summer and fall." said committee member Leota Sarrette.

So grab a stamp and help Haverhill break the world record for "the most postcards sent from one location" on July 3 at the Haverhill Stadium.

For more information and to find out how you can participate please visit www.solesofhaverhill.com or call 978-697-1648.

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