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January 24, 2013

The Lamp Post


:Giving credit where it’s due: Those potholes that formed around the water gate shutoffs dug up by city workers after this month’s water main breaks have been fixed. The Lamplighter noticed a few days after the breaks that potholes were forming and needed repairs before they got worse. City workers did their job and took care of the problems.

:The one that got away: Longtime Gazette reader Henri Seymour of Lawrence usually guesses the paper’s Thanks for the Memories mystery photo correctly. In a recent note to the Gazette, he told an interesting story about “the one that got away’’ decades ago when he was fishing with a friend in Haverhill. Seymour reminisced about fishing in a row boat as a boy at Chadwick’s Pond, when he and his friend got the surprise of their young lives. They had caught fish as big as 2 feet long in the pond, but the monster hooked by Seymour this day was overpowering. “I thought for sure this must have been the mother of all the water snakes in the world,’’ he wrote. It banged against the boat and broke away, leaving his friend to speculate it must have been a huge eel, which were reported in the pond from time to time in those days.

:A tough call: Hindsight is 20-20, as they say. It must have been a difficult decision for School Superintendent James Scully to make when he awoke last Wednesday at 4 a.m. to see no snow on the ground, despite predictions a storm would arrive by then. Scully made the choice not to call off school, and then was criticized by parents when snow fell during the commute and the slip-sliding of cars and buses on slick roads began. But Scully was making a decision based on what he saw and the best information available. The Lamplighter wonders how those parents would have felt if school was canceled and little or no snow fell.

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