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February 28, 2013

The Lamp Post

:Pothole city: With all the snow and freezing and thawing we’ve been having lately, holes are showing up on the streets of Haverhill and other communities. We don’t often see this many potholes until spring. A reminder — the mayor’s office and Highway Department welcome reports of potholes so city workers can fix them before they get out of control.

New building on the way: For those wondering what would happen to the empty lot at the corner of Fountain and Lawrence streets where fire ripped through a house last year, forcing its eventual demolition, the answer has come. Heavy equipment has been on the site excavating for what appears to be a foundation. It’s likely any structure built there will be residential because that’s what’s allowed by zoning.

Local building shines: The city’s Leewood Building continues to draw attention for the big array of solar panels on its roof. Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas, a supporter of green energy, toured the property last week to see its 1,000 rooftop solar panels — the largest such array in Haverhill. Federal and state money was used on the project. The U.S. headquarters for Swix Sport USA, Inc., is located in the building. Joining Tsongas on the tour was Peter Schwartz, owner of Leewood Realty.

Making his feelings clear: To School Superintendent James Scully, it was clear who caused violence to break out at Haverhill High after last week’s baketball game between Methuen and Haverhill. In a release after the incident, Scully said, “This evening following an excellent boys game....Haverhill Won....with a capacity crowd...a few Methuen students were yelling vulgarities and tossing snowballs at HHS students as they exited the gym. One Methuen student in particular was responsible for raising the emotions which resulted in all HPD officers on duty responding. The HPD did an excellent job in quelling the incident that could have mushroomed ... The HPD also took much grief from some that were arrested. Subsequent to the incident two cruisers from the Massachusetts State Police arrived at HHS to assist.’’ Tensions between students from the two high schools began at a hockey game a few nights earlier and erupted into a brawl after the basketball game, but no one was seriously hurt.

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