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March 7, 2013

Officer's actions bring pride to police force, city

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — If you ever saw Brian Proulx working out at a local gym where he is a member, you’d recognize his dedication to what he does.

He’s a stickler for detail — thorough, hard working, doing exercises the right way — but soft spoken and never drawing attention to himself.

He’s the same way in his police work, and a 13-year-old local boy may owe his life to Proulx’s dedication.

One day last July, Proulx was on patrol when he got a call that a boy had ridden his bicycle into a car that was stopped at an intersection. The boy suffered severe head injuries and Proulx rushed to the scene. (See story, Page 1.)

When he arrived, the extent of the boy’s injuries was obvious.

“He hit the car head-on,’’ Proulx told the Gazette. “The boy was on the ground and bleeding from his head injury.

“You could see it was serious,’’ he said. “He split open his skull.’’

Without hesitation, Proulx went to work, using his police-related medical training to treat the boy as quickly as possible, preparing him to be rushed to the hospital. It didn’t hurt that retired firefighter Thomas Garrett happened to be at the scene and helped stabilize the boy.

Within minutes, ambulance workers arrived and took over. They prepared the boy to be taken by helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Boston. The boy eventually recovered.

For his quick thinking and actions under pressure, Proulx will receive a First Responder Hero’s Award from the American Red Cross at the 11th annual Community Heroes Breakfast on March 21.

Proulx is well-deserving of the award and brings pride to the city’s police force and the entire community.

A prepared statement from the Red Cross about the awards event reads, “Community Heroes are those who have shown courage, dedication and character through extraordinary acts of heroism and kindness and have made a commitment to the community. These inspiring individuals, from all walks of life, are proof that one person can indeed make a difference in the lives of others.”

Brian Proulx has indeed made a difference. Congratulations to him and the other Red Cross award winners for their willingness to jump in and help when they were needed.