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December 13, 2012

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — Police want to make sure everyone is aware that the winter parking rules are in effect, so they’ve been “announcing’’ it in a big way. They recently had an electronic sign on Main Street near Basiliere Bridge reminding drivers that the rules would be enforced starting this month. The rules require drivers leaving their cars on the street overnight park on either the even-numbered side or the odd-numbered side, depending on the month. And rest assured, the rules will be enforced — snow or no snow. In past years, people in some neighborhoods became irate when their cars were ticketed for being on the wrong side of the street, even though no snow had fallen. Police say they want residents to develop good parking habits early, so when the snow does fly plows will be able to pass by easily.

At first, you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. If you’ve driven by the big brick building in Lafayette Square that houses Archie’s Little River Ale House and other small businesses lately, you might have noticed an odd color on the bricks. Blink your eyes and the bricks turn another color. Is it magic? Call it holiday magic. The building has been outfitted with a lighting system that emits alternating red and green lights during the holiday season. The Lamplighter noticed the Christmas colors the other day when he was driving by.

Powerball fever hit Haverhill with the recent $550 million in potential winnings, and locals were definitely trying to win big. The Lamplighter noticed considerable lines at the Sunoco and Cumberland Farms gas stations on River Street as lottery players tried to win the jackpot. The grand prize was split between winners in Arizona and Missouri.