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July 18, 2013

Judges choose winners of Write Away!! contest


Tenth-grader Erika Thornhill’s story, “I have no name, I have no age,” began with a young girl telling an unhappy story of being a foster child. But it turns into a tale of horror when she reveals to a detective who was investigating a rash of brutal murders that she was the suspect he was looking for. “He believed I was a poor, unfortunate, abandoned orphan girl that needed his pity,” Erika wrote. “I am death,” she went on to explain to the detective.

Here is a list of this year's winners, the title of their work, their school, and teacher: Kindergarten :First place: Angelina Joy Lucia, The Little Pancake, Walnut Square, Mrs. Demaris. Second place: Kayshamylle Quintero, The Zebra, Golden Hill, Mrs. Lucia. Third place: Nicholas Schraffa, Luke Meets Givos, Bradford Elementary, Mrs. Vinci. Grade One :First place: Grace Gillert, Advenchr With a Mrmad, Walnut Square, Ms. Pelliccione. :Second place: Nicholas Wilson, When I went to Daddy's Work, Tilton Elementary, Ms. Eaddy. Third place: Talan Stratton, My Favorite Planet, Pentucket Lake, Mrs. Parent. Grade Two :First place: Jaliya Diaz, The Scary Pumpkin, Consentino, Mrs. Soraghan. Second place: Cameron Connor Ross, Finding Gold, Greenleaf, Mrs. Tucker. Third place: Amelia Paquette, Santa's Vacation, Walnut Square, Mrs. O'Leary. Grade Three :First place: Maci Gould, The Haunted House, Bradford Elementary, Mrs. Ziminski. Second place: Merrick Battaglia, The Day I Met a Fairy, Pentucket Lake, Mrs. Dolan. Third place: Alexsia DeOliveira, Valentine's Hearts, Golden Hill, Mrs. Shea. Grade Four :First place: Chelsea Daigle, The Witch and the Messy Lab, Bradford Elementary, Mrs. Riley/Mrs. Flores. :Second place: Ailish Ferrick, Yankeey Home Coming, Golden Hill, Ms. Atwood. :Third place: Melody White, The Bad News, Bradford Elementary, Mrs. Riley/Mrs. Flores. Grade Five :First place: Shannon Koiser, Papa's Advice, Bradford Elementary, Mrs. Murphy/Mrs. Breton. Second place (tie): Kaley Dupont, Peace, Consentino, Mrs. Church. Second place (tie): Angel Tricoche, The Haunted School, Consentino, Mrs. Buzzell. Grade Six :First place: Natalia Clark, My Companion, Hunking, Mrs. Paquette. :Second place (tie): Jadynne Hill, Why I Play, Consentino, Mrs. Hartung. Second place (tie): Kimberly Henriquez, This World, Consentino, Ms. Schena. Grade Seven :First place: Caitlin McCutcheon, Slave, Nettle, Mr. Sirois. Second place: Ellalandra Arakelow, Enslaved My Self, Nettle, Mr. Sirois. Third place: Corey Hollins, My Perfect Day, Consentino, Mrs. Miller. Grade Eight :First place: Veyli Ortiz Solis, Does it Have to End This Way, Nettle, Mr. Mueller. Second place: Madalyne Buco, Alone, Whittier, Mrs. Eddy. Third place: Kelsea Arsenault, Oden, Hunking, Mrs. Daley. Grades Nine and ten :First place: Erika Thornhill, I Have No Name, I Have No Age, (10th grade) Mr. Andrews. Second place: Camille Clark, The Burned, Bloody Curtain, (ninth grade) Mrs. Baker. Third place: Alexandra Conwell, Yes, I will Keep My Smile, (10th grade) Mrs. Baker. Grades eleven and twelve :First place: Haley Peabody, Our House, (12th grade), Mrs. Quinney. Second place: Rhianna Waterman, Silence Speaks, (12th grade), Mrs. Quinney. Third place: Alex Zylkuski, Las Palomitas, (11th grade), Ms. Medvetz/Mrs. Barberio.

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