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October 4, 2012

Unwanted dinner guest feels at home


I figured, let’s open the front and back door. Maybe he’ll see daylight, and make a run for it. Worth a try. Again, all I got was a bumble bee that made its way inside.

Okay. Let’s set a place for dinner. I poured some of my choice bird seed into a bowl and set it on the welcome mat inside. Off I went to my back porch to type a column.

That’s when I heard some obvious signs. “Scamper. Scamper. Squeak! Squeak!”

As surreptitious as one can be under these circumstances, I slowly made my way to the door, and that’s when I dropped my teeth.

Not only was there one chipmunk enjoying the fare, but two others had joined him. All of a sudden, I had three of them inside my camp and they were having a blast.

I needed the witch doctor — and I needed him badly.

Photographer and writer Tom Vartabedian is retired from the Haverhill Gazette. He contributes this regular column.

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