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July 4, 2013

The Lamp Post

Never too soon to plan for Santa: We’re in July, but already some locals are talking about Santa coming to town. Organizers of the annual VFW Santa Parade have announced the theme of the event, which will be in late November. The theme is “Santa Claus is Coming to Town’’ and organizers are releasing it early so participants can plan floats that reflect it. But there is one catch — no one can put a Santa Claus on their float. The only float allowed to carry St. Nick is the last one in the parade, the officials Santa Claus float.

Will it ever be fixed? A rough spot on Summer Street continues to be a problem for drivers, and the Lamplighter wonders when it will be repaired. The spot, two blocks from Mill Street, was dug up weeks ago and has traffic cones around it, forcing all drivers into the westbound lane. It is particularly dangerous at night.

An unusual sight: Anyone driving by the far side of Plug Pond along Mill Street one day last week must have wondered what all the scuba gear was all about. After all, there’s no swimming on that side of the pond and seldom more than one or two people are tossing fishing lines into the water there. The answer: State police divers were scouring that part of the pond looking for a gun that had been used in a crime in Haverhill. Police are being tight-lipped about the case, but the gun was not found.

Getting the message across: Now that school is out for the summer, the city is using the electronic sign near Walnut Square School to display a variety of messages. Typically, the sign warns drivers of a low speed limit in the school zone, but now it gives other words of wisdom. They include “Vote today’ which was shown on the day of the special U.S. Senate election and “Click it or ticket’’ — a warning to drivers that they face fines if they fail to buckle up.

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