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March 20, 2013

The Lamp Post

The Haverhill Gazette

---- — :What a feed: What a great job the local Exchange Club did cooking breakfast for young students at Walnut Square Elementary School and entertaining them earlier this month. In particular, club member Tom Minichiello made the annual event a success. Each year, the club has the green eggs and ham breakfast to mark the birthday of Dr. Seuss and encourage young people to read. Organizers topped it off with a birthday cake for Dr. Seuss. The kids gobbled up the sweet dessert.

Don’t be confused: Organizers of the Inner-City Boxing organization want the public to know the new boxing gym planned for Locust Street by trainer Ray Hebert has nothing to do with the Inner-City boxing group. That group is still looking for a place to call home, after losing its former gym at the old St. Michael’s Church on High Street due to financial problems. The Inner-City group was formerly called the Haverhill Boxing Club. Although the group has no current home, it continues to exist and train young boxers — sometimes outdoors behind Haverhill High School.

Making strides: The new Groveland Bridge is really taking shape. During a recent trip over the old bridge into Groveland, the Lamplighter was surprised to see how much work has been accomplished. Wonder whether there will be delays this spring when sturgeon begin spawning in that area of the Merrimack River? A decade or so ago when the new Comeau Bridge was being built at the western end of downtown, workers had to halt construction during the spring due to the spawning. The sturgeon, a fish dating back to prehistoric times, swims up river to lay its eggs. Environmental laws ban disturbing the spawning grounds during that time.

Supporting their soldiers: A Haverhill family made a public display to honor its son who is in the military. They put up yellow ribbons on a stone post outside the Olive Garden restaurant, where one of the members works.

Wearing two hats: Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien is a busy woman these days. As if her work as a city councilor wasn’t enough, she has also become a member of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees. Gov. Deval Patrick appointed Daly O’Brien to the board.

Panhandling at the plaza: Has anyone noticed the street people asking for money from passersby in front of Central Plaza? Recently, one of them took up a position that perhaps he thought was strategic. He was sitting on the walkway next to the door of a credit union and asking people for a dollar or some spare change as they left the ATM in the lobby.

It’s getting to be a habit: Mayor James J. Fiorentini recently celebrated Dominican Independence Day, inviting local Dominicans to an event in City Hall. It’s the latest in a series of such celebrations by the mayor, who invites people of various ethnic groups to celebrate their cultural roots. A proclamation from the city was read by Isa Adames and this year’s flag raiser was Veronica Guzman, who works in the city’s Community Development Block Grant Department.

Just when they thought it was safe: As nearly a foot of snow was falling on the city during last week’s storm, some locals were talking about signs of spring they noticed just a couple of days earlier. As one woman shoveled her driveway, the Lamplighter overheard her saying she spotted geese that apparently had returned from the south. It turned out to be a bit too soon for the return, as the late-winter snow blanketed the region.