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August 22, 2013

Can't afford to travel abroad? Think again

Teacher shares tips to make trips happen


During her talks, Yeager describes ways to make a trip to another country more affordable than you thought it would be.

If you want to use a travel agency, look for one that offers various levels of services, ranging from the more affordable basic comfort trips to more costly luxury trips, she said.

She said you might end up in a two-star hotel instead of a four-star hotel, and you might end up using public transportation instead of a rented car that will take you around the country, but you’ll end up saving money — often lots of it.

“When I was in Borneo, I wasn’t sure if I could navigate on my own, so I found a tour company there and they took me around at a lower price than if I’d arranged it through a tour company in America,” she said.

Little things such as meals can add up fast, so consider stopping at local street vendors for inexpensive bites, such as a bowl of noodles, or buying fruits and other nutritious snacks from a local grocery store.

“By having a big lunch you can save, as lunch is usually one-third the price of the same dinner, although maybe a little less in size,” Yeager said. “A lot of cultures have big lunches, which is something we’re not used to.”

Another way to save and sample the area cuisine is to go from one restaurant to another ordering appetizers and sharing with whomever you are with, she said.

“We’ll split a small plate at each restaurant and get to taste different foods while spending a small amount,” she said.

And don’t get hung up on ordering the same things you have at home, as it could be more costly than you might realize.

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