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August 22, 2013

Can't afford to travel abroad? Think again

Teacher shares tips to make trips happen


Yeager said the college is considering offering short non-credit courses of 10 to 14 days which focus on traveling to a particular region along with an expert.

“Because we have the educational content, we go to a lot more places than a typical tour and it would be affordable,” she said.

Not everyone can go on vacation whenever they want, so Yeager suggests balancing your needs the best you can.

“London is expensive, so I focus on getting the best deal on air fare and local travel,” she said. “If I travel to Asia, I know the food and local travel will be less expensive, but my air fare will be more. Air fare to Australia is expensive, but when you’re there, the food and local travel are fairly inexpensive.”

On Aug. 22, Yeager will lead a presentation titled “International Travel: Jet Setting 101: You can see the world on a budget!” at the Haverhill Public Library. The presentation is free and open to the public. She will also be speaking on the same topic at the Wilmington Library this month.

For more information about Yeager’s talk at the Haverhill library, call 978-373-1586 or email smoser@mvlc.org.

How to see the world on a budget:

Pay for air flights in segments, when possible

Eat local food, which is cheaper than “Americanized” food

Consider staying at less expensive hotels

Arrange for your own local tours instead of using a travel agency

Pick up a map and take long walks around the area you visit

Carry a water purification bottle and refill it with tap water

Have bigger, less costly lunches and smaller, cheaper dinners

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