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August 29, 2013

The Lamp Post

Looking good: Take a ride down Water Street toward Trinity Stadium and you can’t help but notice the clear view of the river. It’s all thanks to volunteers and city workers who thinned out trees and shrubs, allowing passersby a good look at the Merrimack. And what a view it is this time of year, with sun-splashed water and boaters enjoying the warm summer days that remain.

Morning stroll: A resident of Highland Street in Bradford was sitting on his front porch around daybreak recently, enjoying his morning paper, when he saw something that stunned him. Two deer came walking slowly down the street and then stopped, as if whispering about which way to go next. They then strolled off into the distance, eventually disappearing. The resident, who has lived in the home near Bradford Common for many years, had never seen anything like it and couldn’t wait to tell the Lamplighter the story.

Advertising you can’t beat: It must have been a no-brainer for the owners of Arthur Sharp’s hardware store in Bradford when they were approached by young artists who wanted to put a mural up next to the Bradford Rail Trail. The students and their adult helpers asked if they could place the mural on the back of the store to show off images of nature — animals and plants — that trail visitors are likely to see along the river. The store owners agreed, and now their property is somewhat of a landmark. It hasn’t hurt their reputation in the community either.

Start of school rush: As this week’s opening of schools approached, the rush was on for city workers to finish up painting crosswalks so students can cross streets safely. Last week, traffic had to slow down and wind past several sites where police officers directed cars around the workers as they painted. This summer, city workers have been putting fresh coats of paint on crosswalks all over Haverhill.

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