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September 8, 2013

Coffee options keep our cups brimming

“How do you take your coffee, sir?’’

“Good and hot — and in a cup please!”

For years, we brewed our coffee in a small pot every morning. It was a breakfast ritual. I’d fill the container with the desired amount of water and measure off three scoops of coffee the night before.

First thing upon wakeup, I’d start the brewing process and, within a minute or two, it was ready to serve. No fuss. No bother. Always a fresh cup.

As time passed, we began grinding our own beans. The aroma of fresh coffee being percolated was as stimulating as fresh blueberry muffins out of the oven or cinnamon rolls from the microwave.

Truth be told, of all the meals, breakfast is my favorite and it begins with the coffee. I cannot start my day without some caffeine in my system. It gives me that get-up-and-go. Evenings are another matter. Should I indulge with a second cup, it would be a non-caffeinated blend. Otherwise, I’d be up all night counting sheep.

The first prerequisite for a good cup of coffee in the morning is getting your spouse out of bed so you can enjoy it together. The power of nose infiltration works well. Pour yourself a cup, then carry it to your bed and blow the aroma into your spouse’s face. That’ll get them moving quickly.

One day, I stood in back of a guy at Dunkin’ Donuts who ordered a small coffee with four sugars. Never mind a level spoonful. These were heaping portions. He may as well have ordered a cup of syrup. I cringed at the thought.

People’s coffee habits are as diversified as their culinary tastes. It can become quite discriminating. A cup of instant coffee over boiling water would suit my pleasure during a power outage.

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