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September 8, 2013

The more people who discover what NECC offers, the better

The American dream is alive and well in Haverhill, no small thanks to Northern Essex Community College.

Milovan Jovic and his wife discovered that, and now their education, careers and family life are taking off. (See story, Page 1.)

They arrived in the United Stated separately as immigrants years ago when they were children. They learned English and American culture and economics, but Milovan was struggling with building his future.

He knew he needed a college education to plant the seeds of a career, but he was having trouble affording school.

Along came Zuleyka, who had already discovered NECC and how affordable its classes are compared to many other colleges and universities. She recommended NECC to him.

The two of them fell in love, and Milovan also loved the idea of going to NECC. He looked into the school and before long was taking classes he could afford and which promised to provide a solid career path. Then came some scholarship money through the college to stabilize his financial situation.

Milovan discovered what hundreds, even thousands of people before him had found out: NECC is a perfect fit for students struggling financially.

It is also a good fit for students who are uncertain of the direction they want to take — people, for instance, who graduate from high school but would be taking a risk going away to an expensive four-year college. They are uncertain about what to study or what career to pursue. They would be in jeopardy of dropping out and being saddled with big college bills, but no diploma.

They can go to NECC and take courses parttime, spending limited money and building up come credits while they figure out their future. They can earn an associate’s degree relatively cheaply and then transfer to another school to gain the final two years of their bachelor’s degree.

And for people looking to change careers, whether due to layoffs or new interests, NECC provides a variety of training. Many a person’s working life has been restarted by job counseling and classes at Northern Essex’s main campus in Haverhill and satellite campus in Lawrence.

The bottom is this: Greater Haverhill is fortunate to have a college like Northern Essex. And the more people who discover it, the better.

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