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January 16, 2014

Downtown is in need of a transfusion


5. Bring back the sidewalk sales with greater alacrity.

6. A more attractive holiday/Christmas face to the downtown.

7. Better retail stores like the Barrett’s, Mitchell’s and Kennedy’s of years past.

8. With Haverhill being the birthplace of Archie comics, why not a special attraction for tourists?

9. Bus rides to special points of interest, coupled with a boat ride on the river. Maybe a little shopping excursion and lunch adding to the festivity.

10. An all-out push promoting our points of interest, including postcards, external publicity. Maybe it’s time to hire (even part-time) a PR specialist for the city.

We go to places like Salem, Newburyport, Portsmouth. Why can’t they come here? With the Down Easter, public transportation would be our greatest asset.

Every city, ours included, is measured by its focal points, whether it’s our schools, recreational outlets, affordable housing and economic base. Without a sound downtown, a mecca for people to gather, we’re missing the boat.

It’s incumbent upon all of us working together in harmony, not just our higher echelon. The good old days wouldn’t be so old if more people lived them today.

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